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Web Museum

You will develop a Web Museum using outside resources to locate items on the Internet in online museums and libraries. This assignment is worth 200 points and is due in Module 14. 

For each of the periods listed you will select one item to include in your museum (THERE ARE 12 TOTAL PERIODS). Each item should be a piece of visual art.  Each piece should give museum visitors a good understanding of the civilization or culture of the appropriate time period. The references and links you provide will allow visitors to view the items. 

A final document will include a description of each museum piece (100-word paragraphs in your own words for each piece), the Internet location, a visual image of the work, and the reference(s), using MLA formatting. 








•Greek: Archaic, Classical, or Hellenistic


•Age of Faith: Early Christian, Romanesque or Gothic

•Age of Humanism: Renaissance in Italy

•Age of Humanism: Renaissance in the North

•Age of Humanism: Mannerism

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