it’s a discussion board question, after the post I need two replies to two different students please.

Think about what you’ve learned this week regarding memory, and about how you study for tests. On the basis of what you have learned, is there something you want to try that might help your study habits?

What does Elizabeth Loftus, in her TED Talk, have to tell us about false memories?

Share your general thoughts on learning and memory based on the reading of BOTH Chapter 5 and Chapter 6, and also respond to the question above on Memory, as well as the question posed in your Introduction to Learning (Chapter 5) about more contemporary interpretations of the 3 standard theories of Learning (conditioning).

What new light do they shed on this question of human behavior?

Since we only have 1 Discussion Board this week you will need to incorporate all of these topics into your single response, so make sure you cover everything required. Your initial post should be thorough and include supportive detail from the material….both the Tutorial as well as the reading. Merely indicating that you “liked” something is not sufficient.

Discussions and replies will be judged on quality of content (indicating a grasp of the concepts being discussed). Make your posts insightful and original.

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