Mini Essay3 (humanities), sociology homework help

A short mini-essay (approx. 500 words) based on the course readings listed for the given two topics. Within the mini-essay incorporate aspects from the concepts in the course that is provided for you. The purpose of this mini essay is to synthesize and compare/contrast material from these two topics using some (not all) the reading information provided to back it up.

Topic: Please create a unique creative title for the essay.

Citation: Be sure to cite relevant readings, and when you paraphrase or directly quote from a course reading, give a citation. You may, but need not, cite outside sources beyond the assigned materials. The style

Please be as comprehensive as possible in writing and editing of your work before handing it into me because I need to be receiving A+ on the assignment đŸ™‚

Topic 1: CyberSpaces, CyberRaces: Racializition in Digital Cultures

  •  Further Research: Race & Digital CultureURL
  •  Further Research: Race & Game CulturesURL

Topic 2: Race and Ethnicity in Video Games

*Login information for full access to the links will be provided after selecting Tutor.*clearly label the file like this: Name_MiniEssay3.doc*. Also, I have attached a sample assignment like this from previous versions of this course

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