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Education was a priority for the founding fathers. Dr. Benjamin
Rush, unlike his peers, was an advocate for education that included
both females and blacks. He founded one of the first female academies
in the United States, the Young Ladies Academy of Philadelphia.
Although he was a believer in women being educated, his reasoning for
the importance of education was that it would make women more
subservient to men.

In a one- to two-page APA-formatted paper, refer to your text and
then “take a stand.” You will either defend Rush’s position for
creating the curriculum he implemented (a few of the subjects taught:
general knowledge of bookkeeping, vocal music and dance, and moral
philosophy) or discredit his stance and explain how women would be
better off with or without this specific education. List at least three
reasons to support your opinion.

Suggested Resource:
National Women’s History Museum: http://www.nwhm.org/online-exhibits/education/introduction.html

Your finished paper must include a title page and a reference page
formatted in APA 6th-edition style. It should include a minimum of one
source in addition to your textbook and should not exceed two pages
(not including title and reference pages).

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