Tongue Twister Basking_Assign 5


Respond to the following questions. Your responses are expected to contain 3 – 5 sentences showing your understanding of the material.

  1. Describe why use of various third parties is often the greatest source of FCPA risk for companies doing business in the global marketplace?
  2. Describe the “ample evidence” (in the words of the court in U.S. v. Bourke) that supported Bourke’s trial conviction? If a client comes to you seeking advice concerning its business operations in [insert FCPA high risk country] what are you going to tell the client about the Bourke decision?
  3. Describe the three stages of risk management designed to minimize the risks of maintaining relationships with third parties in the global marketplace.


Q2 –

Do NOT exceed 400 words – no citations – please see attached

1 point for making a decision (simply put, is the law Constitutional — yes or no)

2 points for actual writing and presentation (sentence structure, grammar, spelling and editing)

2 points for accurately stating the law, including use of case law studied this week

5 points for the analysis supporting your decision (this is the WHY behind your decision)

Your analysis, or reasoning for your conclusion, is worth half the total possible points on this assignment. This is because WHY you reached your conclusion is nearly as important as the conclusion you reached.

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