You are hired as a system administrator for a company located in Chicago area. The company decided to build a new web site to educate their customers about their product and services. You supervisor asked you to join the development team and work with them to build the environment and provide suggestion.

At the firs meeting, the team suggested to base their new system on an open source software. They choose Unix Solaris as the best open source software to use in addition to the Apache web server. Since you are the system administrator of the company, the team manager asked you to set up the Unix environment, including the file system, the directory structures and other security configurations for the environment.

The development team submit their proposal to the CEO and he is very excited about the project. But he has one concern about the Project. He does not have any IT or programing background, so he needs to understand the meaning of Unix and open source software. As a system administrator, the CEO choose you to write that report to educate him about the new system. Your report should contain the following information:

·The general overview of Unix.

·The difference and similarities between Linux and Unix.

·Why using an open source software, when we should use it, what are the advantages and disadvantages associated with open-sourced software?


·Write 2-3 pages in a word document.

·Apply APA styles.

·Provide enough references.

·Provide in text citation using your reference.

·Avoid coping and pasting from the internet.


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