4A1: Training Requirements

As a part of this course, you will be required to complete parts of the HASP for this site. Section 4 of the HASP covers the training needs of a facility. For this assignment, create a chart that identifies which job titles will need what training. You are not required to go deep in the weeds on training. We can assume they have basic training on things such as noise, personal protective equipment, machinery and machine guarding, welding, cutting, and brazing, electrical safety, and such. Focus more on what has to do with hazardous materials, handling hazardous materials, and disposal of hazardous materials. Some training may be outside the scope of OSHA – do not forget about DOT and EPA. I have attached an OSHA guideline to help guide you through the weeds.(Disclaimer: we are going to do EPA at the federal level. However, in Texas you would be working with TCEQ as well.)

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