advocacy writing/ write a cover letter a long page/ about 300-500 words


Directions for the Writer: In reading your rough draft, peers revise more effectively when you write a cover letter narrating the key parts of your rough draft.

All writers have to do this when they pitch to an editor. Write a 300-500 word informal letter about your own draft to your peer. In answering, avoid copying and pasting from your draft; exercise your ability to summarize.


The letter should detail answers to the black questions below.

1) What is your central claim? How does it relate to the prompt?

2) According to what logic do you arrange the body of their paper?

3) What do you want to add or delete?

4) What kind of reading experience do you want this paper to give your reader?

5) Does your research and writing support your central claim sufficiently?

6) General & Other


  • Timeliness 5 points
  • Quality of letter 10 points

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