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This is an exercise in basic analytical description. The skills developed through this exercise are fundamental in the field of architecture and art since one must be able to identify and describe an object or building in order to further understand or discuss it.

Please write a three to four page formal analysis of a building you can visit or you have access to. Ideally you would include both the exterior and interior, but if you are unable to gain access to the interior you need not describe it. Do not write about the building’s function, meaning, interpretation or history. Simply describe what you see in as much detail as you can within the word count limit. The building’s purpose does not matter and can be religious, civic, commemorative, commercial or even an ordinary house.

Think about the different aspects of the building from its decoration to its structure. Include in your analysis characteristics of the building such as its form, geometries, space, light, color, layout and organization etc. You may use graphics to illustrate your points (but these do not count toward the 3-4pp). Think about the different materials you observe. This is NOT a research paper so really the only thing you need to prepare for it is to read the appropriate sections of Sylvan Barnet’s text listed below, brush up on your vocabulary, and visit the building. But you may also refer to specific buildings we have studied or that have been discussed in the reading.


Type written 750 – 1000 words (3 – 4 pages), Double spaced, Minimum 11pt font and 1” margins. Please include your name, date and course name and section. Softcopy and hardcopy are required. Softcopy: Blackboard, name your word document (lastname_HDE1_PA1.docx). Hardcopy: Beginning of class on due date, staple it at the top left hand corner and do not submit it within any folders or other binding devices. Just a staple.

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