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Deeds are used in every state to transfer title from one party to another. Read this scenario and based on your chapter readings and your research on the Internet, respond to the checklist items below to resolve this problem.

Joe and Sallie have decided to sell their home, but they realize they need to add a garage since the majority of homes in their neighborhood have one already. Joe and Sallie contracted a builder to construct the garage for them. The garage is now complete and the contractor has been paid, but Joe and Sallie now find that there is a lien on title originated by the roofer of the garage. How did this lien end up on the property and what are the options available to the homeowners to remove the lien based on your state laws?

Checklist: Based on your state laws:

  • Define the problems and analyze them, providing your state laws that apply
  • Develop possible solutions
  • Examine solutions
  • Report the best solution.

Respond in a 2–3 page APA formatted and citation styled paper


Research the following topics related to supply chain management:

  1. Procurement
  2. EDI
  3. Risk management
  4. RFID
  5. Supply chain uncertainty

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