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You are to write a lesson plan for children the ages of 2-4. I will be sending you the chapter associated to this assignment. I have attached the guidelines for you to follow and the headings for you to use when completing this assignment. I have gathered some ideas you could use for the lesson plan. You don’t have to use it, but if you don’t be creative.

Lesson Plan


The beginning of the procedures includes:

opening statement:

What will you do first?  Use the words you will use with the children to introduce the activity (do not list
steps; use the language you will use to guide or scaffold children)–the key is anticipation;
how will you set the stage and get the attention of the children?  Your
statement can include discussing the props, items and/or materials in front of
them. Ex: in a hand washing activity you could show dirty hands and ask the
children what she we do about it? (remember
that you can NOT do a Hand Washing activity for your lesson
plan. Pick something else.

The middle of the procedures includes:

List all the steps involved in presenting the activity including open ended questions throughout the activity (include
the two you listed in the 
Teacher Interaction component of the lesson plan), and the vocabulary words you listed in the Vocabulary Words component. List the
steps as if you are explaining to someone how to do this activity.




4. You will have more than four

The last part of the procedure will include a closing
 and will consist of the following (continue numbering from

A summary or recap of
what has been discovered, experienced, enjoyed and so on.

Clean up instructions
for children.

End of activity warning.

End of activity


Keep the experiences in
the “here and now”.  Children do not make the connection between what they
do now and what will happen in the future; i.e. the statement “you have to
brush your teeth so you will not get cavities when you get older” doesn’t
really matter to a preschool age child. 

There is an example of Procedures in
this week’s Modules for your review.

Teacher Language

List two open-ended
statements/divergent questions you might ask children.

Ask questions that will
involve children in their learning process; ask questions that will help them
connect the topic (activity) to their own experiences.  If you are simply
asking children to name objects or if you can answer it with a yes or no then
you should think of a different question(s) to ask.Review the attachment in Modules on “Open-ended
questions” for more ideas

Vocabulary Words:

List new and/or unique
words you will introduce to the child that relate to this activity. 

Include a written child
definition for each word.  Remember when presenting your activity you must
introduce and discuss the word(s) with the children in a developmentally
appropriate manner. The vocabulary words should be included in the procedure section the way you will say them to the children.


List all materials
needed to set up this activity and number each one.

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