Discussion Post and 1 (One Paragraph) peer response

In approximately 250 words, please respond to the following questions:

  1. Are you concerned about your impact on the environment and how it contributes to global climate change?
  2. Explain why/why not and provide examples of reasons for your level of concern.

Peer response 1

From some TV talking shows, I know about the global climates change. The shows produced many videos to show the results of global warming. Since I was young, I am concerned about my impact on the environment. From daily recycling, reuse items, bring my own utensils when dinning out to turn off/unplug the electronic, all I did/do is for thinking about the impact on the environment. From the reading of 3 degrees, the content is matching the one I saw in my home country. It seems like every country care about the same thing- global climate change. We can know the news about the fire of amazon. It is exactly related to the article of ” Between two and three degrees the Amazon rainforest, whose plants produce 10 per cent of the world’s photosynthesis and have no evolved resistance to fire, may turn to savannah, as drought and mega-fires first destroy the rainforest, turning trees back into carbon dioxide as they burn or rot and decompose.” I feel like it is happening!

I think my personal contribution is reducing the use of plastic. From the reading, I know plastics are made from fossil fuels like oil and natural gas, which release toxic emissions when extracted from the earth. These gas will leak during production, which causes even worse greenhouse effects than carbon dioxide. Industrialization causes massive amounts of disposable plastics began flowing into their economies—water bottles, bags, to-go containers and utensils—items that earmark a consumer culture. I am trying hard to use these things less to protect the environment. I know Starbucks start to use a better cap for drinking instead using straws. I know a lot of states prohibit using plastic bags for shopping. We can see a lot of big brands and governments are aware of it and starting to change their policy to help the global climate change. All I did is just very little for the earth. But once it is done by every body, it will contribute a lot for the earth.

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