For this reflection paper, I’d like you to explore the concept of the “Latin-Americanization of race” as primarily formulated by the scholar Dr. Eduardo Bonilla-Silva.

In two to three FULL pages, please address the following prompts.

1. Give me a definition of the concept. Draw upon the textbook (if applicable) and other

course materials, going into as much detail as you can. Satisfactory answers will explore

the history of the concept over time while explaining its relevance to political sociology.

What key theories of political sociology does this concept relate to?

2. Apply the concept to real life. Show how the concept is relevant to a historical event,

current event, or some element of popular culture. You may use as many examples as

you’d like, as long as you provide detailed arguments for why these events relate to the


3. Reflect on how the concept relates to your personal life. Do you feel that this concept has

some relevance to your life, or the lives of people you personally know?

4. Explore what questions or criticisms you have about the concept, and how you would

want to see the concept explored in the future (such as a study of an application of the

concept within a certain political system, or an experiment related to the concept).

Explore how you think this concept will change as political sociology continues to evolve

as a discipline.

Papers must be two-three FULL pages in length (no more and no less), be written in 12-point

Times New Roman font, be double-spaced, have one-inch margins on all sides, and be

submitted as Microsoft Word files. Focus on answering these questions to the best of your

ability, without necessarily worrying about “academic tone.” The maximum amount of points

that you can earn on this assignment is 5, which is 5% of your total grade. Submit this paper

via the TurnItIn software on Canvas. I will not accept assignments submitted via email or any

other method.

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