History of Immigration in the U.S

Watch the following two videos: First, the History of Immigration in the U.S. for Dummies and second, The Border Crisis Explained: Illegals or Refugees, You Decide.

Read over your Introduction and Chapter 1. You will also need to do some independent research in order to answer the following questions. You may bring in facts and research regarding the Border Wall, but the focus of this discussion is not the Border Wall.

IMPORTANT: NO OPINION! Opinion and generalized conclusions and judgmental statements are not allowed. You will be graded down for opinion, judgmental statements and generalized conclusions. This is a facts and research based discussion only. I also grade down for not following directions.

Answer the following questions:

1. Describe the political issues regarding illegal immigration. What conflicts exist? Note: You are to discuss the political issues, NOT your opinion and NOT the opinion of others. Use specific factual examples. Also, keep in mind there is a difference between immigration and “Illegal immigration”. Be sure and define your terms and be careful with your vocabulary.

2. Do states play a role in setting immigration policy? If yes, describe that role. If no, describe why states do not play a role. Or is this strictly a federal issue? Explain all your answers. Do not make up your own answer to this question. You will need to do some research.

3. In caring for undocumented children, who pays? Again, NO OPINION. FACTS ONLY. Explain your answer.

No “I agree” type statements or “I think” type statements. “I agree” statements are just a repeat of what someone else has stated. They do not advance the discussion. ” I think” statements are your opinion and not based on research and facts and do not advance the discussion.

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