Out of many a history of the American people. 8th edition writing homework help

I have to write 2 paragraphs from each chapter. (chapter 21 through chapter 29) NOT the whole chapter BUT only one topic from the given chapter. So chapter 21 (urban America and progressive era 1900-1916) I chose 21.2 Progressive Politics in cities and states. Ch22  (A Global power )  I chose 22.3 American Mobilization. Ch 23(The Twenties 1920-1929) I chose 23.2 The state, the Economy, and business. Ch24 (The great Depression and the New deal 1929-1940) I chose 24.5 The limits of Reform. Ch25 (World war II 1941-1945) I chose 25.5 The World at War. Ch 26 (The cold War Begins 1495-1952) I chose 26.2 The policy of the containment. Ch 27 (America at Mid- Century 1952-1963) I chose 27.3 Youth Culture. Ch 28 (The Civil Right Movement 1945-1966) I chose 28.4 Civil Rights Beyond Black and White. lastly Ch29 (War Abroad, War At Home 1965-1974) I chose 29.5 The politics of Identity. I will attach all pic(s )needed for the assignment, in case you do not have access to the book ( Out of many a history of the American people. 8th edition )  So, I will end up with at least 19 paragraphs, 2 paragraphs for each topic listed above. Let each paragraphs have its topic in top if it.

I only can uplode 6 pic   PLEASE find way to send you all pic or try to find the book  

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