part 6 – each question 150 words

Part 2

For your initial post (minimum 150 words), select a thriving organization in your city or town that is operating in operational excellence, per the defined concepts in your textbook, in order to address the following questions*

You must also respond to two other classmates (minimum 75 words each)

    • Ch. 14: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are used to plan and control important day-to-day operations. If ERP is not already in use at your chosen organization, should it be introduced and if so why?
    • Ch. 15: Identify which aspects of lean philosophy and lean techniques are utilized by your selected organization.
    • Ch. 16: Which improvement technique would assist your organization with retaining their position relative to their competitors?
    • Ch. 17: Describe how your selected organization ensures the quality of their products/services.

*Points will be deducted if you do not address all 4 questions!

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