PHIL201: A very short reading (11 pages) [Augustine Confessions Book 7 Ch.9-21] [ A copy of the book is included]


I would like you to find two-three passages that could be the focus of a seminar discussion and ask a question for each passage that can begin the seminar discussion. Also, you should provide a follow-up questions and passages that
could either supplement the discussion or take it in a new direction if
conversation lags. Moreover try to have a mix of textual questions (questions
that have to do with the meaning of the text) and existential questions
(questions that pertain to our own experiences). If the conversation
strays too far from the text, textual questions are helpful. If the
conversation becomes slow or boring, existential questions are helpful.

I will attach a copy of the required chapters once I assign a tutor, it is a really short reading assignment (11 pages). ISBN-10: 0385029551

*Nationality: International student – Freshmen [Engineering]
*Religion: Not christian, Buddhism, nor Jewish. [However, my classmates and my group are Catholic]
*English level: in the middle between B2 and C1 [College (Undergraduate)]
*Please make sure to not use any outsider sources except the material mentioned above. For instance, Spark-note, Lit-chart, Cliffs-notes etc, are not going to be accepted.
*The questions CANNOT have grammar-errors + it gotta be plagiarism free.

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