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I need someone to totally rephrase these two paragraphs. Introduction and abstract. The abstract need to be 100 words or more


To calibrate a measurement system you have to compare its output with a standard known input. Consider, for example, a pressure gauge. This device could be calibrated by mounting the transducer in a closed vessel with a piston at one end. (Such a vessel is called a dead-weight tester). Placing a weight on the piston produces a known pressure in the vessel equal to the weight divided by the piston area. After applying a series of weights and measuring the corresponding output voltages of the pressure gauge you can plot the relationship between the gauge reading and added weights. Now, if you want to measure the pressure in a pipe you can use the gauge and the calibration curve to convert mass weights into pressures at the pipe. Having a repeatable and accurate calibration is obviously a prerequisite for an accurate measurement. Therefore, repeating a calibration at regular intervals is a good idea since it may drift with time or ambient conditions.


In bourdon gauge pressure calibration we are required to compare experimental results with the actual ones. We are also required to find the error in order to calibrate the gauge pressure.

This experiment was conducted to perform pressure calibration on a bourdon tube pressure gage using a dead weight tester. Weights are loaded on the piston and the indicated Bourdon tube pressure was read. . In this experiment, the error and percentage of error that occur inside the Bourdon tube will be calculated and compared to the true pressure that exerted by the total mass. According to the experimental results, the error that occurs in the Bourdon tube is inconsistent.

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