Rheumatoid arthritis paper

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The student will
write a paper detailing the etiology, pathology, clinical manifestations, impact on function, and prognosis of the disease. Etiology (6 points)- Detail the known cause (1), prevalence of the disease (1), two typical patient population
characteristics (2) and two potential risk factors (2).Pathology (4 points)- Detail the normal anatomy and physiology of the involved system(s) (1), the pathophysiology of
the disease process (1) and how the pathology effects the body structures and functions in at least two ways (2).
Clinical Manifestations (5 points)- List the signs and symptoms of the typical disease presentation (minimum 5).
Impact on Function (4 points) – Detail how the patient’s ability to participate in functional activities would be affected by
the disease and list four specific functional activities that physical therapy would address (4).
Prognosis (2 points)- Detail the usual course of the disease process including a timeline for healing or degeneration (1)
and typical course of treatment progression to include treatment options (1). References (2 points)- 1 research article (1) and 1 academic article (1) from a credible source.
References will be formatted in either AMA or APA citation format. Cited material will be reflected throughout your
paper with the use of superscripts at the end of the sentence with cited material or parenthesis if unable to use
superscripts. After each sentence, it needs a subscript from which reference you used. All you need to do is make sure put information for all the points list above and that would be good for this paper.

Paper format

1. Cover page with Disease, Student Name, Class Name and Date
2. Bolded titles using the designations above
3. 12 point font in Time New Roman
4. Double-Spaced
5. 1” margins

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