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please choose one question from 4 questions to answer, this course name is : MN5338 PROJECT

the information below is used to introduce this course so that you can do this work based on the course

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This course is designed to provide postgraduate students a comprehensive introduction to theoretical and
practical aspects of research methods in the context of business. It also aims to provide the fundamental
elements that are required to conduct high quality business research. Students will be able to appreciate
methods and tools, as well as acquire skills either to execute a research project independently or as part of


The course will provide a comprehensive introduction to business research domain, covering theoretical
premises, quantitative as well as qualitative research methods, key concepts for research designs, processes
and techniques, as well as practical applications in the form of case studies.
The fundamental knowledge of methodological approaches, research designs and methods is necessary for
the students to design a research project, collect data, analyse and write up their findings.
The learning objectives of this course are as follows:
1. Understand major research philosophies and approaches.
2. Understand and consider ethical aspects of conducting the business research.
3. Learn relationships between theory, hypothesis, research questions, investigation and analysis.
4. Understand the process of designing business research.
5. Learn key aspects of research designs and experiments.
6. Learn key aspects of different qualitative methods, including interview approaches, case studies,
grounded theory analysis and ethnography.
7. Learn how to use and interpret some of the most important statistical techniques in quantitative
analysis including sampling, correlation, regression and hypothesis testing.
8. Develop an understanding of literature survey and critical evaluation of the quality of the
methodological approaches presented in journal articles.


Upon completion of this module students should be able to:
1. Recognise and critically evaluate approaches to business research, presented in existing literature,
and the assumptions upon which they are based.
2. Evaluate in a critical manner primary and secondary data sources.
3. Make justified choices as to appropriate methodological approaches appropriate for different types
of research questions and hypotheses, quantitative and qualitative research methods for data
collection and subsequent analysis.
4. Prepare a research design in a systematic and critical reflective manner.
5. Understand the main features of qualitative methods, including interview approaches, ethnography,
focus groups and observation.
6. Interpret the findings and the meaning of the statistical indicators featured in quantitative analyses
such as t-test, correlation, regression.
7. Evaluate in a critical manner potential limitation to research and investigation and application.
8. Recognise the ethical implications of research investigations and their impact upon findings.

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