Ch 6 Needs Analysis

Ch 6 Needs Analysis

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6.6 (modified) Assume that you have a business in garden care equipment and are planning to develop one or two models of lawn tractors to serve suburban homeowners.

Consider the needs of the majority of such potential customers and write at least six [top level] requirements that express these needs.

Remember the qualities of good requirements as you do so. All requirements will be complete sentences and not contain design solutions.

Initial posts are due by midnight Feb 15 and reply posts are due by midnight Feb 17.

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  1. Tractor should produce less emissions than any existing models.

The need: environment friendly.

  1. Tractor should smaller in size than existing similar models.

The need: use less storage area.

  1. Tractor should be fuel efficient: use less fuel than current models.

The need: spend less money.

  1. Tractor should be able operate continuously for at least 3 hours.

The need: use it for large area.

  1. Tractor should handle uneven areas and difficult turns.

The need: usable in rugged land.

  1. Tractor should have a cargo space.

The need: to carry the garden tools.


Use this book only

A. Kossiakoff W. Sweet, S. Seymour, and S. Biemer. Systems Engineering Principles and Practice, Second Edition, Wiley, 2011. ISBN: 978-0-470-40548-2

Ch 6 Needs Analysis

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