Enterprise IAM functional architecture, writing homework help

Read the article on “Identity and Access Management: IAM Architecture and Practice“,
and review Figure 1 below.  

Figure 1. Enterprise IAM functional architecture (source:

In your paper for this week,
answer the following: What major blocks of this diagram are now offered as a
cloud service? Of those services, which do you think is less likely to be
adopted by organizations? Of those services, which do you think is more likely
to be adopted by organizations? Does your opinion depend upon the type of
company? For instance, if the company is highly regulated or has high risks,
cloud services may not be an option. Basically, this week you need to analyze
how Enterprise IAM functions works with cloud services. Include at
least one additional reference not included in the weekly reading.

Your paper should follow
standard formatting with an introduction, body, and conclusion.  Use APA
or MLA for style, citations, and references.  Your paper should display
good attention to wording, spelling, punctuation, and grammar.Your paper should
atleast 2 page content.


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