ICD 10 CM Coding (4 Short Answer Questions)

The 4 questions are in the attachment. Must Know ICD 10-CM coding to answer questions.

Code the following inpatient scenario by assigning ICD-10-CM codes only, do not assign ICD-10-PCS codes:

The patient, a man in extremely poor health due to chronic
obstructive pulmonary disease and chronic alcoholism, was admitted for
severe shortness of breath, a PO2 of 42, abdominal pain, and what
appeared to be impending delirium tremens. He was placed on Ventolin and
Solu-Medrol. Librium was also given to prevent delirium tremens. A
colonoscopy was performed because of a past history of polyps, with no
recurrence found. It was felt that the patient had mild colitis. On
discharge, he was no longer dyspneic at rest. He was to start taking
Zantac for colitis and to continue Solu-Medrol.

diagnoses: (1) Chronic lung disease with acute bronchospasm, (2)
impending delirium tremens, (3) alcohol dependence, (4) colitis, (5)
history of adenomatous colon polyps.

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