Need health and medical help with liability issues and defenses of the parties (2-3 pages)

Hello. So this assignment is a group assignment. It is regarding the case study #2 you have been using previously in other questions you have answered for me. I attached a document that shows what it is that we have to do. The whole assignment should be 10-15 pages, but I only have to do one part of it, which should be between 2-3 pages long, and including 2 references. You do not have to do a title page. My topics regarding the case study are highlited in yellow in the document, but I will also write them here. 

  • Liability issues
  • Parties involved and who should be
  • Defenses of the parties

Again, about 2-3 pages long with 2 references/citations. 

Thank you for your great work!


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