post and two reply

  • Paragraph 1: (10-15 sentences) Briefly describes the main ideas. Give examples. What conclusions did the author make? Use your own words. No quotes or bullet points.
  • Paragraph 2: (10-15 sentences) Give your critique of the ideas. Put some thought into your response. Do not give additional summary, instead evaluate the article and give your opinion. What do you think were the best points? Explain your reasoning. What were the weak points? Are there any relevant ideas that were not discussed? What do you think is innovative about the author’s thinking? Why did you select this article? Discuss how the ideas relate to your life experiences. Give an example. Make sure you include first person comments: “I selected this article because… I think the author’s best ideas are….because…I think the weak points are.. I think the author neglected to point out that….I think these ideas are creative because….These ideas are relevant to me because….

  • After submitting your post, review and comment on TWO other student’s posts. Each reply should be a paragraph of 100-125 words. Include thoughtful comments that specifically relate to the post. Give your opinion of this individual and their creative accomplishments. What aspect of the post impressed you most? Why? Generic comments like That’s interesting! ! That’s very creative do not count towards the minimum requirement.Please note: your reply should be original and and give your opinion. Do not restate another student’s reply. Reply to a different post if someone has already stated what you were going to say.

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