Short Paper: Technical Description

After receiving input from a peer from the 2-1 discussion, post a revised version of your equipment description. Be sure to focus on editing and revising to make this your best writing.

You may use graphics in completing this assignment, but remember the rule: they must be graphics you create yourself or that are clearly in the public domain. Remember, too, that in this course, graphics are considered an enhancement; the main focus is your writing.

I do not have any peer inputs but here is the original post so just fix it up as needed đŸ™‚ – I have also attached it in a word doc too….

A machine is an apparatus with several parts that use the mechanical power to perform a particular assignment depending on the commands fed in the machine. In my office, I have many beneficial devices, and one of my handy tools is a laminating machine.

A laminating machine which can also be called a laminator is a device that is used to seal documents and other suitable items. The item or the material is fed into the machine with a protective layer made of a plastic film on one of the item’s side or both. Mostly the laminator is underutilized in many offices, but that doesn’t make it less useful (Meckelein, 2020).

When you get into trouble with printing or copying documents, they can be preserved by sealing through heating two thin layers made of plastic over each other. A material that needs to be laminated is inserted into a laminating sheet, which must be twice the size of a standard paper and then fold the sheet into half. A margin that is enough will remain in all the sides of the document to be laminated then the plastic will melt to itself, creating a permanent seal. After that, the material and the vinyl will be inserted inside a unique laminating sleeve that will enable the paper to pass through the laminator smoothly, keeping the melted plastic from getting trapped in between the hot rollers.

A laminator can also be used to create signage, preserve photos, create long-lasting business cards, producing ID badges, and also reinforcing pages in a flip chart. An office that has a laminator will have its personnel coming up with many other creative uses for the device.


P Meckelein, M. S. (2020). Laminating machine, and a method for laminating sheets of material.

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