This is a Discussion post from 2 different student. All I need to do is to give a response for each of them.

This is a Discussion post from 2 different student. All I need to do is to give a response for each of them.

Discussion # 1

About 4 months ago I started a diet plan to gain weight and be able to generate muscle mass. I started exercising and eating healthy ever since and still do. What helped me stay motivated was seeing the changes in my body, before I didn’t like how I was because I had never been so skinny and right now I feel very happy both physically and mentally. Of course, I have had obstacles, for example right now with the quarantine the gym is closed and I have not been able to grab weights, but even so, I have removed the positive side and do my part and do functional exercises, in the same way, I continue to carry my diet healthy. One of the best ways to maintain motivation in the long term I think is to set realistic goals, that is, I did not set a goal as the body that I visualize to achieve it in 2 months, I know that I still need a lot and that I must have patience and believe in myself to be able to do it.

Stress can affect everything in us. Health is involved if there is too much stress. When I am very stressed the first thing that affects me is my mood. But there are techniques that help us deal with stress. For example: avoid obsessively thinking about problems, doing relaxing activities, and setting priorities. These are some of those that I have been practicing for a while, in the same way, that does not mean that you will never feel stress again, but it has helped me. I think they are the best techniques to control stress because many times we focus on what we have not been able to do, instead of seeing everything that has been achieved. Also because we don’t set priorities, we worry about things of the future instead of focusing on the present.

Discussion # 2

For a 2018 high school graduate such as myself, I am now having to figure out what I want to do with my life, and fast. Not to sound weird or anything but I never expected to get this far. I’ve had many many goals, and I have failed many also, or just stopped doing them. A main one, that I am still currently in progress of, is school. To get my AA in two years. It may sound simple, but I will not be getting it with my friends. Many just didn’t take as many classes per semester as me, or they’ve taken a gap year, or whatever the situation is. I was very unmotivated at first because I just graduated high school and starting that summer I was back at school (broward-college). I wanted a break. The only thing motivating me was to take is slowly. Don’t look at the big picture (2 years) take it chunk by chunk (this semester only 3 classes). Take things slow, always.

Stress can affect your body, your mind, and also behavior. Unchecked stress can result in high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes (How stress affects your body and behavior 2019). The best coping techniques for stress are physical activity, some people go for a jog, or part-take in boxing, or sports. Practicing relaxation techniques is another way, such as yoga or meditation. Quality time with your loved ones, and hobbies such as reading, and writing.


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