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The Assignment: Literature Review

Topic: Sex Education in the U.S


The literature should have five parts.

1) Title: You need to title the literature review paper base on the topic sex education in the U.S.

2) introduction: IT SHOULD HAVE A STRONG INTRODUCTION Paragraph that defines the topic, sex education IN THE U.S. and why you choose the topic. Briefly introduce what you learn from the articles.The introduction should explain what will happen in the paper.

3) Body: Discuss the different articles. What happen in the articles, what is the articles all about, give examples, compare and contrast the arguments made in each articles,the disagreement that are in the articles. Any thing that was ignored in the articles. The important point in the articles, what are the strengths and weakness

4) Conclusion: What is the major contribution of the articles, what did you learn about sex education in the articles. What do you need to work more on.


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