5-7 pages formal rhetorical analysis ( double space, first draft)

This is your final major writing assignment in the course as serves as a culmination of all you’ve learned. You will choose an advertisement campaign from either your native/home country or the U.S. and, with appropriate research (which will be demonstrated in class) are to produce a 5-7 pages formal rhetorical analysis (consider ethos, logos, and pathos), where you cite at least 2 sources. In this assignment, you will analyze the company and product, and their intended audience and purpose; you will then discuss how they appeal to ethos, logos, and pathos in a way that successfully (or not) appeals to the viewer (their audience).

primary source: advertisement
YouTube, Apple1, 10 Sept. 2019, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVEemOmHw9Y.

secondary resource: review
Mark Spoonauer, 2019-11-11T16. “IPhone 11 Pro Review.” Tom’s Guide, Logo Created with Sketch. Tom’s Guide, 11 Nov. 2019, https://www.tomsguide.com/reviews/iphone-11-pro.

the secondary resource is my advertisement, if you want to change you can change, just need to change to MLA form at the last work cited page.

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