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This week, we begin our Module on INteractions, focusing on the dynamics of groups and teams… interesting things happen when you bring people together! Group projects and teams are a big part of business today (another reason for the inclusion of communication this module!) and it is important to know how to manage them in a way that begets performance! So, to this point, we have learned the information important to understanding individuals – personalities, work behaviors, etc. Now, we need to consider what happens when these aspects of people begin interacting… How can we mobilize the various strengths and utilize the various motivations to elicit performance. This chapter tells us a bit about group formation and dynamics, and I have included a video and some articles which discuss various aspects of team/group management. As you progress through your college career, you will find group projects become more prevalent (if they haven’t already). This is good experience, as you will be able to gain “insider perspective”. Put yourself in a manager’s shoes in an industry in which you would like to work… what challenges do you forsee with group/team management?

In addition, have a look at the Management in Action case, and consider the following questions:

  1. Are the product development teams at Wooga more of a group or a team? Explain your rationale.
  2. What does Wooga do to promote cooperation and cohesiveness among their product development teams?
  3. To what extent are Wooga’s teams subject to groupthink? Does the company do anything to prevent groupthink among its development teams?
  4. What is your opinion about the company’s view of not paying performance bonuses? What are the pros and cons?
  5. What is your biggest takeaway about teams based on this case?

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