Organisational Communication

Stanley Deetz’s multiple stakeholder model suggests that all of society would transform if corporations/workplaces changed the way they functioned. For this assignment, you will apply the multiple stakeholder model to the Department of Communication or the University of South Florida (do not do both) and discuss at least one way either institution could change how they function, and, thereby, transform students’ lives.

This assignment will draw from your personal experiences, but, at the same time, it is an academic paper wherein you are making an argument. You are expected to approach the topic as a scholar, i.e., theorise your experiences, and use your experiences to make suggestions.

This assignment will be between 180-200 words, and will cite relevant academic and non-academic sources. The word limit does not include references.

(Suggestion: It will be useful to conduct research on how Deetz’s idea has been developed)

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