4-6 Page Argumentative Essay

A 4-6 page essay. With 4 reliable outside sources in MLA format. The essay must contain: a clear argument- you must take a clear and firm stand on the question of which literary theory you agree with, Reader response or Authorial Intent. Support that argument by means of evidence. A counter argument- make a case for the opposing opinion. A rebuttal to the counter argument- why the opposing opinion is weak. Make sure it is in MLA format and has 4 reliable sources no more than 4. Also I need a work cited page and all of the quotes need to be correctly cited. The essay can not be more than 6 pages long. Thank you.

Use my intro paragraph below:

To interpret a story in your own way opens your eyes to new ideas. The Reader Response theory is how the reader interprets the story and everyone interprets it in their own way. However, Authorial Intent is when the author of a text interprets their writing in a certain way, and any other interpretation is wrong. I think that reader response theory is correct because a reader should be able to interpret a story in their own way.

Which of the opposing theories, Reader Response or Authorial Intent, is


Authorial intent Theory:

A position that argues that the creator of a text possesses a privileged

understanding of its meaning and that consequently any interpretation that

contradicts this understanding must defer to the author’s intentions.

Reader Response Theory

A view of literary works that argues that meaning does not reside in the

text, but in the mind of the reader. The text functions only as a canvas onto

which the reader projects whatever his or her reactions may be. The text is

a cause of different thoughts, but does not provide a reason for one

interpretation rather than another.

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