AOJ 200 90-91 Discussion

I divided the discussion below according to which edition of the book you have.

4th Edition of the book:

Read Crime in the News on page 90-91 about the Penn State child abuse case.

Then answer the questions at the end. “Should the entire Penn State football program have been penalized for the failure of a small number of individuals to inform state governmental officials of Sandusky’s child abuse? Do you agree with rescinding the non-monetary punishments imposed on Penn State?”

5th Edition of the book:

For those of you with the newest edition of our book, you will be answering the questions at the end of “Crime in the News” on page 84-85 about Gilberto Valle, the “Cannibal Cop.”. Answer the following 2 questions: 1. Why did the appellate courts consider Valle to have engaged in fantasy? 2. Do you agree with the decision to acquit Valle? Why or why not?

In responding to another student, only respond to a student who read the same case as you.

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