Find out the current exchange rate for the country of your selection, business and finance help


Prepare a memo in in regards to Importing toy cars in to United State
from China in APA format that answers the following questions:

  • Find out the current exchange rate for the country you have selected
  • What is the historical data for this currency?
  • What are the implications for your business?
  • What are some of the risks associated with it?
  • Is this country a member of the IMF?
  • If so, what benefits might that have for that country?

Please submit your memo, all supporting documentation, and an APA format.


PowerPoint should  includes the following
overarching points to complete your analysis and recommendations:

  • What type of strategy could your company use when entering the country you have been researching?
  • What should you take into consideration? What would you recommend
    the company does from an architecture perspective to ensure efficiency
    when working with this country?
  • What are the overall pros and cons of conducting business with the country you have selected?
  • What would you recommend based on the research you have conducted:
    should your company import or export with this country? If so, what
    would be the most effective way to do so? If not, explain the reasons
    why you would not recommend moving forward at this time

Presentation should be a compilation of memos. It
should concisely and effectively convey findings, analysis, and
recommendations to the company stakeholders and also uses research data
to support your statements.

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