IN DETAIL answer the following discussion board question.

IN DETAIL & Depth answer the following discussion board question. Make sure you answer each point in depth supported by reliable, recent resources. Use APA style.

Choose a country in the 2019 Global Report on Food Crises (I chose South Sudan). Review the drivers of food insecurity for your selected country and provide an overview.

Choose one of the drivers and discuss method(s) for addressing this driver. Be realistic in your approach and remember to think about linkages to the drivers that could be addressed.

The term “driver” is discussed in the article and is essentially the underlying cause(s) of food insecurity. For example, conflict is a major driver of food security around the world. Linkages to this particular driver could be cultural, geographic, or political. The idea is to discuss the root causes and associate factors that drive and perpetuate food insecurity.

I attached the 2019 Global Report on Food.

Please read the above instructions carefully.

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