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COOP in fact is not the same as an ordinary emergency plan. I am going to say that I do agree with your response due to federal agencies dealing with much more bigger catastrophes than local agencies dealing with much more smaller emergencies. (Cassidy, 2012). It’s a simple definition having to do with the size and scope of the emergency. An ordinary emergency is based on minimum operation of planning on the other hand we have COOP in which we are dealing with a natural or manmade disaster. For example 9/11 was a unprepared unfortunate day for all of America until Former President Bush established the Department of Homeland Security. For the same exact reason to be able to prevent, and prepare for a disaster that our local government is not prepared for. I can only say that being “prepared” is the best way to prevent another unfortunate day like 9/11. Planning is going to be America’s great vision statement when dealing with major disasters. However, I enjoyed reading your post and look forward into reading your future post.

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