And the following websites:




Create a mission/vision statement and comprehensive budget:

You serve as the Director of Athletics in
the Mid-American Conference. Select a fictitious school name and
mascot. Your budget is $12,500,000.00 and you have 16 sports. Choose
your sports. Be mindful of Title IX and inclusion and diversity
implications. Following your mission/Vision statement, complete a comprehensive budget that supports your vision for the department.
In this budget you must account for all sports and support activities,
such as marketing and media services. Sample budgets are provided to
you in the readings for this project.


addition: Cite at least three references you find on your own that

assists you in defining your mission/vision statement…..Remember to

use the APA referencing format……for assistance


Submit this work in a word document and create a summary PowerPoint presentation of your work. Prepare your PowerPoint as if you are making a presentation at a professional conference.

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