System Engineering

  1. System Development

The three major stages of engineering development are: concept; design; and post-development.Briefly explain why they are organized in that sequence, and describe some potential consequences if development were NOT carried out in that sequence.

  1. Systems Engineering Management

The Systems Engineering Management Plan (SEMP) includes a section on the systems engineering organization (i.e., integrated product teams).Briefly outline how the SEMP would describe the attributes of an SE team, i.e., which attributes of the SE team would the SEMP identify and describe? (Do NOT create a notional organization chart.)

  1. Concept Exploration

You are asked to perform an “Analyses of Alternatives” (or trade study) for subsidized low-cost transportation of students from the Catholic University campus to a proposed off-campus housing site in Maryland that is several miles from the nearest Metro station, but close to major highways and next to a Baltimore-Washington MARC railroad station.The chosen transportation scheme is to be paid for by the University.Describe in detail:

  • how you would set up your analysis
  • the specific transportation concepts you would explore (choose AT LEAST 3 concepts)
  • the specific criteria you would use to evaluate these concepts (choose AT LEAST 4 criteria)
  • a matrix showing how you would evaluate the concepts against the criteria (but you do NOT have to perform the full analysis with specific numbers)
  1. Systems Engineering Landscape

Explain the advantages and disadvantages of introducing system concepts to secondary students in order to encourage them to pursue STEM careers.

  • Needs Analysis

What is meant by “MOE”?For the effectiveness analysis of a sport utility vehicle (SUV), list what you think would be the 10 most important characteristic that should be exercised and measured in the analysis.

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