there are two parts

part 1: Research one of the following government agencies online. Look at their responsibilities and budget. Then make a case for privatizing the agency (at least one page). Choose from:

  • Veterans Administration
  • Bureau of the Census
  • Department of Labor
  • Transportation Security Administration
  • Social Security

*Resources provided in this module will assist you in completing this assignment. You can find the resources located in the “resources” section.

part 2 : Chapter 2 of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Toolkit briefly discusses Design Thinking. Build on what’s in the textbook by completing additional research to learn more about Design Thinking. Write a minimum 500-word summary of what else you learned about the process. We will cover much more about design thinking later in the course, so this summary does not need to provide much depth. You should also find at least one video that describes design thinking and provide the link in your essay. Additionally, write about the importance of building the right organizational culture to support design thinking initiatives. Finally, comment on how Design Thinking could benefit your client. Please cite all resources at the end of your essay (not included in the word count). You may use the citation style of your choice.

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