Forum Shopping – at least 300 words

In its user service agreement, Facebook includes a forum selection
clause that requires users with legal disputes to file any lawsuits
against Facebook in courts physically located near its northern
California corporate headquarters. Review the discussion of this issue
in your textbook (Legal Strategy 101, pp. 100-101); then, analyze the
following questions:

  1. Is forum shopping ethical? What are you using as your ethical standard?
  2. Should courts enforce forum selection
    clauses in business-to-consumer contracts like the Facebook user
    agreement? Why or why not?
  3. Suppose Facebook did not have a forum
    selection clause in its user agreement. Would Facebook be subject to the
    jurisdiction of every state court in the United States, since it has
    millions of users in every U.S. state?

This assignment requires that you analyze both a legal concept
(forum shopping) and its application in a business contract (forum
selection clause). Read the course material and the assignment
carefully, and do not confuse or conflate the two.

Refer to the Assignment Instructions folder of the course for
general directions and grading rubrics for Discussion Boards, including
requirements for word length, scholarly sources, and integration of a
Biblical worldview.

Use the words “Ethical” or “Not Ethical” in the subject line of your
thread to identify your conclusion. Do not use attachments, as these
are cumbersome and inhibit the discussion process.

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