Analysis of Quantitative Research

Final Analysis of
Quantitative Research Activity: 

Now that you have
studied several types of quantitative research (correlation,
linear regression, t-tests, and ANOVAs), we will finish our weekly assignments
by analyzing research article of this type. 

After you have chosen
your article from the many options, go to the Discussion Board and post your article
title so others know which articles are already being used (no one can use the
same article).  

Once you’ve let
everyone know your article choice, read the article thoroughly and answer the
following questions. Be thorough in your responses (about a paragraph each is
what I am expecting); each question is worth 5 points. Please make sure that
your responses are your own explanation and not direct cut-and-paste answers
from the article.  

Provide the name/authors of your article and explain
how the article you chose is related to your area of expertise in education.

Give an overview of the research study and
include the research questions that are being investigated.

Describe the participants in the study.
Include what type of sample was used, the number of participants used, how they
were recruited for the study, and any additional information that is pertinent
to the study.

Describe a general overview of the procedures used
in this study.

Specifically describe the statistical tests
used in this study that we have also studied in class. If there are additional
tests mentioned that you would like to share as well feel free.

Explain the results of the statistical tests
in detailfor example, be sure to include the t-values (t-tests) or F-values
(ANOVAs) and the p-values for both. In some articles, you may have multiple
tests performed and will need to discuss multiple results.

Describe the limitations of this study and
what researchers could do to eliminate them in future research.

Finish your discussion of the article by
giving the general results found by the researchersnot the specific numerical
values like t-values, F-values, and p-values. Rather, give an overview of the
results that the researchers as the findings of the study. 

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