Automobile Industry analysis, management homework help

The required elements for your paper include the following but I just need fifth one(current issues analysis)

  • overview description of the industry
  • PESTEL factors analysis
  • Five Forces analysis
  • segment or strategic groups analysis
  • current issues analysis

Your objective in this assignment is to describe an industry in sufficient detail and to evaluate the risks so that a company could decide whether to enter the industry based on information in your paper. Remember to collect and analyze financial data reflecting your industry. Be sure to analyze and evaluate; don’t just report without adding value. Use data. This paper should be a professional work product. It should be error free.  It should show awareness of the terms and concepts studied during the course.  Note these important expectations:  your paper should analyze data and use graphic techniques(if you need)

2.5-3 pages, NO COPY, APA style.

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