Nescafe – Marketing assignment (800 words), marketing homework help

This is a continuing part of the project we have been working on…

For the final part of the Consulting Project, you should recommend a course of action by choosing the most appropriate alternative action to overcome the current shortcomings/deficiencies identified in the brand critique.

Ideally, the survey results should be used to support the final recommendation. The rationale for the final recommendation must be clearly articulated and supported with ample evidence gathered throughout the report development.

Your job as a consultant is to provide specific steps the company must take to overcome challenges and achieve success with this specific brand (750-1,000 words).

Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide

Please take a look at the attached for the other parts of the assignment. This part is based on the others.

I ask for quality and a timeline delivery, as there is a deadline on this.

Thanks so much.

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