​DB4: Learn about Annotated Bibliographies and Post Two Annotations

DB4: Learn about Annotated Bibliographies and Post Two Annotations

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Watch this video where I talk about WP3, WP4, and what needs to go in to your annotations:

Read about annotated bibliographies (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.and look at the samples on the Purdue Owl website. Then, locate two possible sources for your research paper, read them, and then create and post annotations (including citations) for them. Don’t forget to 1) summarize the source and 2) discuss its significance for your WP4.

Reading your classmates’ posts may give you ideas for sources that would help you! In responding to others, make suggestions for revision. Is the citation correct? Are the right things included in the annotation?

Initial Post Due on Wednesday, Responses to at least two others due on Sunday.

Evaluation of your Discussion Board contributions:

  • I will not grade your participation based on quantity, but rather on overall quality and regularity (ie., that you offer regular and valuable contributions to the class discussion). Your comments should offer new insights, work to advance the overall discussion, and provide constructive feedback, critique, and praise your peers.
  • In order to receive full points for this discussion, you should follow these guidelines.
    • Are your comments expansive and relevant? Do you further the discussion in a meaningful way?
    • Did you respond to multiple peers and engage in multiple conversations?
    • Were you regular and a valuable participant over the life of the discussion without monopolizing the conversation? You should consistently follow and add to the conversation over the course of the week. For instance, you should not log in, post and respond to a few posts all at one time. Ideally, make your post at least 24 hours before the discussion board is due and then spread your comments out between then and when discussion closes. You will not receive full points if you log in once to post and make a couple responses to peers.
    • Were you respectful and constructive in your feedback to your peers?

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