Discussion Essay

Please answer the following prompts to receive full credit for this assignment. You must answer in complete sentences. Please number your responses. Your total word count for this discussion essay must be at least 400 words. If you don’t write at least 400 words, you will NOT receive full credit.

  1. What did you think of the podcast episode I assigned to you this week? How do you think someone who is trying to land a book deal could use traditional AND social media coverage to his or her advantage? How can an individual show a publishing company that they deserve a book deal? How can he or she prove that his or her book will sell?
  2. With what you heard in the podcast and what you’ve learned from the text, how do you feel about traditional media as a leveraging tool in business? (Is traditional media as important as it once was?) How do you feel about social media as a leveraging tool? Will a person (these days) have a better chance of proving their professional worth through traditional media, social media, or both?

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