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You work in a large law firm in the litigation department, and are in the middle of a large case representing the Plaintiff in a contract dispute, case caption Marvin Melville v. Willard Warrington, Case Number CVF 7772. Communication with the Defendant’s attorney has broken down regarding depositions and disclosing certain confidential financial documents. Your supervising attorney, Michael Peabody, has asked that you draft four letters:

  • One letter should be drafted from your supervising attorney to the opposing counsel explaining that the depositions need to move forward swiftly, and reiterating the need for the last four years of tax returns from the Defendant. You should warn opposing counsel that a letter is being dispatched to the Judge as well, advising her of the issues
    • Opposing counsel is Maxwell Moneybags, of the firm Smart and Rich Ltd., located at 123 Main Street, in Greenacre CA, 00034
  • One letter should be drafted to the Judge’s chambers (with a cc: to opposing counsel to prevent being accused of ex parte communication) explaining that there is a dispute over the necessity of disclosing tax returns for the last four years, and requesting the Judge’s advice or intervention.
    • The Judge is the Honorable Melinda Carlisle. She is the Judge in Greenacre, CA 00034, at the District Court, address 453 Courthouse Square.
  • One letter should be drafted to the client from you, the paralegal, requesting dates the client would be available to come in and prepare for his deposition, and updating him on the status of the aforementioned disputes.
    • The client is Marvin Melville, who resides at 32 Black River Rd, in Blackacre, CA 00034.
  • One letter should be drafted to a witness from you, the paralegal, informing the witness of her deposition, to be taken by your supervising attorney on May 15 of this year, at your law office, Peabody, Wells & Roland LLC (located at 7254 Wellpoint Ave, Whiteacre CA 00034). You should indicate that you are enclosing a copy of a subpoena directing the witness to attend and testify under penalty of perjury. (No subpoena will need to be drafted or enclosed by you).
  • The witness is Rowena Sparks. She lives at 3254 Winding River Ln, in Blackacre, CA 00034.Your assignment should be formatted as four business letters, with proper formatting, spelling and grammar. You should use the proper tone in the letters to each of the required individuals.

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