ENVR1401 Central Texas College Environment and Culture Discussion

Go to the Course Menu (the blue column on the left of this screen) and open Discussion Board in order to complete this assignment. Below are the expectations of completing a Discussion Board in this class.

Since this is a science course, you are required to add citations and references to all initial discussion postings to show your research. These in-text citations and references are required because many of the discussion topics are NOT common knowledge. These are complex environmental science topics, and since you are studying this field, it is necessary to research your ideas and comments and back them up with citations and references. If you do not have references and citations via APA 6th edition format, your postings will be deducted points. The APA Style Guide is found on the Course Menu. Plagiarism will not be tolerated per Central Texas College’s policy on plagiarism.

As part of substantial participation efforts the following minimum is required for each discussion:

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