Intercultural Communications Field Experience and Research Paper

Hello! This is a research paper for my Intercultural Communications class that requires an “engagement” with a different culture. This could be a festival or anything that pertains to intercultural interaction. Obviously this will be made up at this point as it is due tomorrow. (Finals have been brutal…) But anyways some information about me is that i’m a white female in her early twenties. My ethnic background is partly spanish as well as portugese. However I grew up in northern california and recently moved to Los Angeles. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to ask. I know this is a personal research assignment that may require more information.

Here’s the prompt:

This assignment requires that you engage with and learn about a culture that is different from your own. The important consideration here is involvement, not just as a bystander or observer, but engagement with people from a cultural group other than your own. Attendance at cultural events or rituals, spending time at places where people from the culture hang out, along with interviews of people from the culture are excellent ways to engage with the cultural group you select. As you do your field experience, you will also support your understanding of the culture through research.

For this assignment students are required to write a five-seven page (double-spaced) paper that includes:

  • A description of the cultural experiences
  • Analysis of the experience using theories and concepts from the course
  • Support for field research through library resources (minimum 7 sources)
  • A summary of reflections on what you have learned from the experience
  • References or Works Cited Required (APA)
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