Movie Reflection

You will be responsible for viewing and writing a reaction paper on one of the following movies pertaining to family issues. The reaction paper must be 1.5 spaced, font size 12 or 14 and could be about 1 page, responding to the questions provided.

Directions: Please choose a movie from this list below to watch and reflect upon.

  • Paragraph one: movie title & describe the primary characters and tell a little about the plot summary.
  • Paragraph two: What was your reaction to this movie? Emotions you felt while watching this film? Provide some examples from the movie that evoked the feelings.
  • Summary paragraph: How does this movie relate to what we are studying in class/text book? What are the key elements?

Your reaction paper will be based on (ONE) of the following movies:

Choose one to watch and comment on:

  1. “Parenthood” Starring Steve Martin
  2. “Your, Mine, and Ours”starring Dennis Quade
  1. “Kramer vs Kramer” starring Dustin Hoffman and Merle Streep
  2. “The Pursuit of Happyness” starring Will Smith
  3. Dan in Real Life. Starring Steve Carell
  4. Father of the Bride. Starring Steve Martin
  5. Home for the Holidays. Starring Holly Hunter
  6. Meet the Parents. Starring Ben Stiller
  7. Ordinary People. Starring Timothy Hutton
  8. An unfinished Life. Staring Jennifer Lopez
  9. The Squid and the Whale. Starring Jeff Daniels
  10. The Big Sick. Starring, Kumal Nanjiani
  11. Inside Out, Cartoon. (2015)
  12. Madea’s Witness Protection, starring Tyler Perry. (2012)
  13. Madea’s Big Happy Family, 2011.
  14. Meet the Browns. (2008)
  15. The Incredibles. Cartoon. (2004)
  16. Brave. Cartoon (2012)
  17. Coco. Cartoon (2017)

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