Narratives, writing homework help

Go to the Internet to search for the following articles. Read each of the following essays:
Buford, B. (2004). The Pasta Station. New Yorker, 80 (25), 114-127.
O’Brien, T. (2009). Fenced In. Smithsonian, 40(8), 14-18.
Staples, B. (1998). Just walk on by: A black man ponders his
power to alter public space. Literary Cavalcade, 50(5), 38.
In the Discussion Forum, answer at least three of the following questions in response to one of the readings:

What is your initial reaction to the essay? Do you like it? Do you dislike it? Why?

Are there any terms or ideas in the essay that you had to research? What did you learn?

Do a quick Internet search of the author. Did you learn anything that could add to your understanding of the essay? 

What do you feel the author wanted to say with this piece of
writing? Was the author successful in relaying that message? 

What writing techniques did you learn from the author that you could use in your own writing?

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